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What We've Done

What We've Done

Benjamin Dakota Rogers - She's Like a Movie

Moore Ave Underground - How You've Grown / What's Done

Lacey Hill - Dishonesty

The New Rebel Westerners - Mr. Coffee

Sarah Kett - Buried Alive (Live)

Felicia McMinn - The Way To Your Heart

Angie and Brent Hare - Beautiful Stranger

The Treeline - This is All

The ProCons - Wasteland

Basic White - Kiss Me

Rachel Heart and The Grand - Little Mirrors

Cory Mercer - Who's Gonna Write You a Love Song

Benjamin Dakota Rogers - The Ocean (Live)

Jay Pollmann - Should Have Taken The Money

Cody James Wood - Lead (Live)

Rachel & Timothy Senko - Fly

Diesel Dog - This Is All (Live)

Saffron A - Imagined Conversations (At Royal York Station)

Derrick Drover - Living Proof

Deaf The Animal - Oleka

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Saffron A

Recording with Cultivate Music was a really positive experience for me. Their relaxed but professional approach in the session put me at ease and helped me to perform my best takes. Their focus on honouring my natural voice and embracing my artistic vision made working with Cultivate Music truly enjoyable!

Success stories

Jordan Wallace

(Basic White)


Tyrone and his team at Cultivate Music always deliver with a high-quality outcome and fast turn around time! They do it all and help artists to express themselves fully on any platform.

Chris Rait


Cultivate Music has helped me on a variety of different projects. I highly recommend working with this reliable team. Tyrone is friendly and takes the stress out of the filming process. The team listens to what you have envisioned and makes it happen. Great detail to both video and sound recording.

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