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our mission

To create premium quality video and audio recordings for all our clients. Cultivate Music - 'Helping Music Grow'

our promise

We promise to offer our best price. We know that being a musician is an expensive journey. We do our best every day to keep our prices low.

our vibe

'Be Inspired'. We are passionate about music. Cultivate Music's vibe is friendly, relaxed, and ready to create some awesome content.

Our Team



Have gear, will travel. 

In today's music industry, those words are a motto. Simcoe's Tyrone Harding and Cultivate Music have taken them to the next level. The recording studio, video production facility and indie label is equipped to help artists with every aspect of their music. 

The two-room studio balances comfort and practicality, with tons of amps and cabinets, pedals, drum kit and more. Their digital board can record 32 tracks simultaneously, with an arsenal of top-end microphones and four Canon HD cameras capturing every note and movement.

Thanks to decades of experience, Harding can help artists take their songs from demos to distribution-ready fare. Then, the Cultivate Music label can co-ordinate everything from artwork and promotion to streaming. 

"We're a one-stop shop," Harding explains. "No matter where you are in the process, we can help you out. Because we're a smaller boutique shop, we can give you more one-on-one care. And because we're vertically integrated, we can have all of it lined up in-house." 

One of their most sought-after specialties is capturing high-quality, breath-taking live video and audio almost anywhere an artist can imagine.  

"We've got a willingness for adventure," laughs Harding. "I can pack up my whole studio and take it somewhere." 

Wherever the magic happens, Harding and his staff give clients what they need at an affordable price while keeping the process enjoyable. That helps Cultivate Music live up to its own motto: Helping music grow.



Shane knows his way around a video camera. He is definitely the guy you want around when creating your music video. He has over 20 years of experience behind the camera lens with bands and in television. His creative mind and industry know-how will ensure that not only that the job gets done right but that it will look great too! Shane is a positive vibe guy. You are sure to see him setting up camera gear with a smile on his face.

Here at Cultivate Music we eat, breath, and sleep music videos. It's our mission to create high-quality music videos and audio recordings a great price. Click 'our services' to learn more about what we can do for you. Click 'what we've done' to see first hand what Cultivate Music can do for you. Click 'contact' if you are ready to get chatting about your project.



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